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The HydroGuard System continuously monitors PD activity and acquires PD data automatically. It solves the problem of performing PD analysis under changing load and temperature conditions. The system consists of Data Acquisition Units (one DAU for each monitored machine) and a common system controller.

The HydroGuard System can be equipped and programmed to collect PD data based on a combination of user programmable triggers, such as load, temperature, operating voltage, NQN, etc. Data can then be downloaded and managed by the HydroGuard System Controller, where analysis such as trending and comparisons can be made. Test results can be accessed remotely by a modem or a network connection.

The optional OPC interface allows users to integrate partial discharge (PD) data from continuous on-line PD monitoring instruments, through a LAN, into external applications for alarming, displaying and/or trending. The OPC interface eliminates the need of a custom software application to display PD data. Multiple